Company Formation & Registration

For new Entrepreneurs or investors, company formation and registration could be a daunting task. We provide end to end services including providing office address, appointing nominee directors, secretarial services etc as a package anywhere in East Africa at an affordable price. Best way for you to concentrate on your Business Plan and Logistics.

Start Up Monitoring & Advising

This is our Stellar Service specifically meant for Local youth in East Africa to take up the challenge of being a businessman and stand on his own feet. Personalized Account Manager will be assigned to do handholding right from determining Business Plan, setting up the business, advising on technology and Marketing too for its nurturing during initial period up to its maturity level. Contact us for further details.

End to End Legal Backup

Our Legal Associates are seasoned and experienced professionals based in different countries in East Africa. Our wide range of Legal Services include Company Law, Labor Law, Real-Estate Law etc meant both for established entities and the start-ups. We provide cross country support too. Your case is always safe in our hands and economical too. Drop a line to book appointment.


Funding in the form of Term Loan, WC loan or Venture capital is our forte in close relationship with various Banks and FIIs. So, do not hesitate to contact us for rightly leveraging your business after proper assessment by our Banking Professionals.

International Collaboration

Our overseas associates in UK and India apart from our own diverse expertise are perfectly placed to seek collaborator and investors from abroad. We shall listen to you and then draw up appropriate solution for you to pitch in for the prospective collaborators to come on Board. Do call us for a meeting at no cost.

Managing Agency

Managing Agency is a new concept in East Africa specially focused on ailing units that owners are struggling to manage due to multiple number of complex reasons. Here, we shall undertake running of that unit on-going basis making it headache free for the owners while turning it around. The services are offered on fees plus profit sharing model. Management, Finance and SCM will be taken care of as per MOU reached. Contact us for more information.

IT Requirement & Set Up

Management Information System (MIS) and reporting are major supporting backbone of any Brick and Mortar company. Thereby, IT infrastructure and MIS implementation & Training consume considerable capital, effort and time whereas, there is always a high chance of every element to overrun frustrating the very purpose of it. We have our India and UK based Software teams who will make the life easier for the stakeholders. For a initial discussion, contact us.

Digital Marketing

Marketing and Product/Services promotion have gone phenomenon changes since when Digital Technology was introduced. A Digital platform specially Social Media has leveraged the power of Smart Phones and other GUI devices to reach millions of targeted customers almost instantly. Our associated software team and marketing experts have right kind of exposure and experience to take your product and services at a new level with right kind of optimization. Contact us for further details.

Business Rescue Package

Starting from identification of problem, analysis and selecting right solution even during stagnation in the economy in a fiercely competitive environment is our specialized strength. PBG Associates, UK is a leading Firm which collaborates with us in this highly specialized field introduced in this part of Africa for the first time. We offer Business Rescue package on retainer cum success fee basis which is economical and result oriented.

AML and Compliance issues and coaching

Anti-Money Laundering is now a very critical issue in transparent and safe governance. Compliance is a norm in every aspect in life including business. We have very deep expertise in this field and collaborate with members of International Crime Investigation Agency for curbing pilferage and also to raise awareness through exhaustive training. We also issue certificate of participation in training and successful completion of the course. This helps the participator to become frontliner in curbing ML specially applicable to Bank Staff, Bureau de Exchange, Stock Exchange and Broker communities.

January 2019