We care, share and nurture a business entity on a pocket friendly budget but with top-class professionalism in the Eastern part of Africa comprising of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Zambia.

Our unique ‘Business Rescue’ Package in collaboration with PBG Associates Ltd, UK delivers positive results in finite time frame using 360 degree approach to the business of any type even during economic downturn.

Apart from Business Advisory, we have deep expertise in AML and Compliance field including financial offence investigation in Association with Criminal Investigation agency members of World repute. Clients can stop income leakages based on our study and guaranteed recommendations.

We are ready to serve you to make you survive, sustain and surge ahead.




  • Mar 6
    Explore Business Opportunity in Rwanda With Bizfunda 

    A small country in East-Central Africa which is shaping itself as ‘Singapore’ of this vast continent. Land of thousand hills with its beautiful capital Kigali offers Best possibility of doing business and acclaimed among first five countries in the world in terms of setting up +

Our Business Reviving Yours

We offer a range of consulting services that cover up all your business needs. Our consulting packages include business start up and formation, end to end legal back up, funding, managing agency and many more. We ensure to deliver the best services to tackle all your business problems with our expert solutions.

AML and KYC Training 

We offer Anti-money laundering and KYC (Know your customer) training. With deep expertise in this field and collaboration of International Crime Investigation Agents, we ensure to deliver the best training with certificate of  participation and successful completion of the course.  

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